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We have been very blessed in this sport and are grateful for what has been shared with us. Our first two puppies came to us from Rhiann Houchins (Feather Down Labradors) and Shannon & Earl Carlton (Sheabourne Labradors). From Rhiann came a puppy that later become Ch. Feather Downs Remberlyn Raven. Shannon & Earl sent Misty as an older puppy and she stole her hearts from the start, Sheabourne’s Mystify. Out of Misty came Ch. Trinity’s Sweet Mercy and Multi BISS Ch. Big Sky’s Heaven Scent from Trinity (owned, loved and shown by Steven and Shari Kirschner of Big Sky Labs). Kathy DeVito was also instrumental in our start and from her came Trinity’s Everlasting Vine, Trinity’s Precious Pearl and Tabatha’s Maize, who contributed some wonderful things to our program. We have been blessed with some wonderful friendships through our dogs and are so grateful for what these people have brought into our lives. Candice Young (Candy Labs) has become one of our closest friends and we love sharing dogs with her but most importantly our lives our richly blessed because of her friendship. Juan Carbonell has also become a great friend and we just simply could not do all we do without him. There are many more wonderful people that have been brought into our lives – too many to mention – because of our dogs. Some have seen us through some rough times and lost we have had wonderful times with. We plan and hope to make many more incredible memories with our “dog family”.

We only breed a litter when we plan on keeping a puppy to show. And we are glad to say that the other puppies in our litters go on to become wonderful family companions, work as therapy dogs as well as compete in other areas. Health and temperament are paramount in our breeding program and we spend countless hours carefully planning each and every litter. We are living proof that when you share your life with a Labrador the blessings you receive are abundant.


National Labrador Retriever Club
American Kennel Club
Heart of Texas Labrador Retriever Club


Meet the Greens

Starkey is a husband, a father and a business owner. He was raised on a dairy farm in East Texas where he learned all about the hard work involved with animal husbandry. Now that he is a father himself he is passing on the life lessons he learned as a child to his own children and the kids love it!

Stacey is a wife and a stay at home mom. She was raised on a ranch surrounded by wildlife and her father taught her to care for animals very early on in life and planted a seed within her that later bloomed into a passion for dogs – which ultimately lead to a life filled with them.

We discovered early on in our marriage that we make a great team and the many ways that we strengthen one another. We are both competitive by nature and have found a wonderful sport that allows us to have beautiful dogs to share our lives with and to compete in the show ring with. We love the challenge that breeding brings because although we know there is no “perfect” dog, we can always strive for better. Together with our life’s greatest blessings, our four sons and three daughters, we enjoy every single day we are given.