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More Than Just a Pretty Face.


The Labrador Retriever — A Dog that Can Do It All.

Labradors are highly versatile and make excellent family companions, therapy dogs, hunting dogs, law enforcement dogs and leader blind dogs. They are also a wonderful choice for a person that would like to do obedience, rally or agility. Labs have a strong sense to please and love their ‘people’.

Family Companion

The Labrador Retriever makes a wonderful family companion. They are naturally kind, outgoing, non-aggressive, and always eager to please anyone in the family.

Although the Labrador is a large dog, it is a great choice for families with small children and other animals, being extremely gentle and loving.

iraq.jpgTherapy Dog

Therapy dogs are dogs that help people. They can work in nursing homes, schools, hospitals and in times of war.
Visiting with animals can help people feel less lonely, and less depressed. Visits from dogs can provide a welcome change from routine, or the renewal of old friendships. People become more active and responsive both during and after visiting with animals.

An animal visit can offer entertainment, or a welcome distraction from pain and infirmity. People often talk to the dogs, and share with them their thoughts and feelings and memories. Animal visits provide something to look forward to. Stroking a dog or cat can reduce a person’s blood pressure. Petting encourages use of hands and arms, stretching and turning.

Many domestic animals can be suitable for visiting but Labradors make wonderful therapy dogs because of their kind temperaments and desire to bond with humans.

hunt3.jpgHunting Dog

If you want a dog that can be your family companion by week and hunting dog by weekend, the Lab is a good choice. They are born with a natural ability to retrieve and love the water.

Training is fun because of its ability to learn quickly and their desire to please their owners. They have a fun-loving nature and training is usually as simple as turning anything into a “game”.

detection.jpgLaw Enforcement

Labs are often times trained to be used to assist officers in law enforcement. They have a keen sense of smell and because of their loyalty and desire to please they make wonderful partners for the men in blue.

Additionally, Labs are often times trained for bomb detection, drug detection and search and rescue. Labs are trustworthy and faithful and when trained to do a job they require very little more than simple praise and “job well done” as payment for the valuable service they provide.
leader-dog.jpgLeader Dogs for the Blind

Becoming a Guide Dog takes a very special combination of health, skill and behavioral soundness. The standards are extremely high and not all dogs are cut out for for this work. They have to be smart—very smart!

In addition to learning how to lead a person safely around obstacles, Guide Dogs are also trained in “intelligence disobedience”: if they are given an unsafe command, they are taught to not obey it (for example: refusing to step out into the street when there is oncoming traffic). Guide Dogs are also trained to have impeccable manners (for all those times they must visit places of public accommodation, such as restaurants, grocery stores and public transportation), and are capable of avoiding distractions (such as cats!).

Finally, all Guide Dogs possess an eagerness to please and a willingness to work. Labradors typically embody most of the qualities that are essential to become successful leader dogs for the blind.

agility1.jpgFun Stuff and Competition

Okay, obviously we must start with confirmation. We think Labs are the greatest show dog in the world. They are easy to train, easy to live with, easy to groom, easy to show and BEAUTIFUL naturally.

Because of their eagerness to learn and desire to please they also are fun to train. Obedience comes pretty natural to a Lab and for a person that wants to do something a little more with their dog obedience, competition may be just the thing.

Rally has become increasingly popular in past years and is a competition that falls somewhere between obedience and agility. Agility is also fun for the Lab.

A Lab pretty much loves doing anything that would give them time and attention from the ones they love. They see very little was “work” and are fun-loving and trustworthy. They truly are a breed that can do it all!

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“A moment later the stevedore appeared on deck leading by a leash one of the most handsome dogs ever seen in Maryland. He was jet-black, sturdy in his front quarters, sleek and powerful in his hind, with a face so intelligent that it seemed he might speak at any moment. His movements were quick, his dark eyes following every development nearby, yet his disposition appeared so equable he seemed always about to smile.”


“‘He’s called a Labrador,’ Lightfoot said. ‘Finest huntin’ dog ever developed'”
James Michener in his novel Chesapeake