About The Breeders

Welcome to our home on the web. We hope you enjoy meeting our Labradors and getting to know a little about us. We are hobby breeders and are thrilled to share our passion for this amazing breed.
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Photo Gallery

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Before You Buy a Labrador

You may be interested in purchasing a Labrador for a variety of reasons. Regardless of whether you are looking for a pet, a hunting dog, an obedience competitor, a therapy dog or a show dog…  Read More

Finding the Right Labrador

So you have decided the Lab is the dog for you. Now is the time to take those steps to ensure that the Lab you choose to share your life with for the next 10 to 15 years is the "right" dog for you and your family. Now you should begin your homework.…  Read More

Breeding Program

Responsible breeders devote a lifetime to learning as much as they can about their breed. We have a couple of litters a year and believe that a Labrador can have it all…wonderful temperament, intelligence, retrieving instincts, good health, beauty and a will to please. Read More

More Than Just a Pretty Face

The Labrador Retriever was originally bred to assist hunters with retrieval of water birds, which it still does today.... Read more